Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What i am looking forward to next year.

Next year I have to be a role model for our whole school. I'm looking forward to being year 8 and it is going to be exciting, and at the same time it’s going to be nerve racking. I will be responsible for the juniors and will be looking out for them. I hope it is going to be a cool last year next year.

Q1) What makes a good role model?
A) Is when we all take charge of our school.
B) We all look after each other.
C) Help all the little kids when they need help.

Q2) Who is someone in year 8 that has been a good role model?
A) I think Sela is a good leader because she did her job being a prefect.
B) I think Tanielu is a good role model because he has been showing us how to be a good leader.

Next year my goal is to be better at my writing and attitude.
C) I think that Paulitia Peleti is a good prefect because she has shown me how big being a prefect is.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today we got our test results, for the testes that we did. I was so happy when we got it because I really wanted to know if I past but it turned out good but it was not what I wanted. You don’t always get what you want aye. Miss Langitupu told us that we all did so well and that we have improved, from the being of the year. Well that was a shock then we all shared looking at each others test results, some of us really improved some didn’t improve a lot but we all tyred.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today we had to go on YouTube and search a video about space.I found a video and watched it. I found out that there are a lot of different stars and they were much bigger, then the sun.

The sun is the only star in our solar system. While I was watching the video the stars were getting bigger and bigger. I thought that the sun was the biggest star, but what i thought was wrong. Although the sun is the biggest star in our solar system. Some of the stars that I saw on the video were not in our solar system but were in other galaxy's .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Wednesday we went to Sylvia Park to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Team 5 was so excited that when we got to our destination,we rushed out of the bus like we were having a competition.

When we got into the theater and was put into chairs some girls went on the lazy boys and the rest just wanted to sit on the normal chairs. First we watch was the intro that was presented by a girl named Tatiana from Tamaki intermediate

The one I like is Zombie Attack Presented by Tamaki college students.
It was scary and very creative i like how it looks real and how they dance to Michal Jackson Thriller.

My second Favorite Movie is Tamaki intermediate “ don’t stop believe” it was amazingly cool and was very movable and I like there moves its cool.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Solar System.

Yesterday we had a demonstration about what is in our solar system.
We had to do it outside because our class was too small, so we went outside and it started to rain. Then we had to come back inside and push all of the desks out of the way to make more room.

We blew up the balloons so we can see which order our planets are in. All of us helped Mrs Lagitupu put the planets in order from Mercury to Pluto. Did u know that Pluto is a classified as a dwarf planet? I found out when Tia told me I felt excited because i just learnt something new!

The order that Mrs Lagitupu put the planets in was like this: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Did you know that Mars has the biggest volcano in out solar system? During our experiment we had a little discussion about why we are the 3rd planet from the sun. But what I liked about out little discussion was how I learnt some interesting stuff that I could use in my writing.

After all of our experiments and demos and discussions we had heaps of fun popping balloons, and finding out heaps of information about the planets. I think that was the best experiment of the year!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My term 3 Highlight...

The RWC is nearly over and I am dying to know who is going to win the RWC. At first I thought that Tonga was going to win but they did not.
But now I think Australia is going to win it for this year. I want to go to the quarter finals but I’m not allowed. My favourite game is Tonga V.S France my favourite part was how the won.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This term our sevens boys went to Tauranga to play a tournament.
When they were at Tauranga we were getting up dated from here,
and every time we hear they win we all get out of our our chairs and jump with mighty. When they came home with the trophy we were all proud of them...

Our topic for this term is about the Rugby World Cup.
We have to study and make a project about a country that we have been given to study about. I was given Fiji and Tonga same people were given Italy, Scottlen, England. Our Projects are due to be marked this week I hope i get a 5...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


1)The baby is as soft as me
The baby is as cuddly as a teddy bear.
The baby is as lovely as a modle.

2)The monkey is like a naughty dog.
The monkey is as funny as a clown.
The monkey is as cheeky as naughty baby.

The car is as fast as a cheeta.
The car is as shiny as the sun.
The car is as beautiful as a flower.

As brave as super man.
As brave as bat man.
As brave as cat woman.

As smooth as a baby ‘s bottem
As smooth as a polished Lamborghini.
As smooth as a cram water.

As soft as a bottle of wine.
As soft as a girls hair.
As soft as a fluffy pillow.

As happy as a girl that love sports.
As happy as a Afeenz laugh.
As happy as a me having lunch.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Sports Day

On the 23rd of August 2011 team 5 had a silly sports day here at school. All of the teachers had different activities for us. First we had to play the game that our own teacher had prepared for us. Then we would move on to the next activity.

At Mrs Lagitupu’s activity we played ball tiggy, it was so fun! we got put into 4 teams, I was in the blue team with some of my friends. We were playing the yellow team first and we won. We then played agains the red team. they were a bit more difficult but it was still very fun. We were having so much fun, but then Mrs Nua sounded the siren and we went onto our next activity.

Ms Tito was our next silly sport. She was waiting there with a giant slingshot and some different sized balls. We had to try and shoot a ball ou of the slingshot into one of the hoops that were lay out on the grass. I had my first turn but I didn't get it into any hoop but I still had lots of fun.

Ou next ativity was with Mr Harris. Seeing from what other people were doing with Mr Harris, I found out that he was taking us for a 3 legged race. It was like an egg race but instead of balancing an egg on a spoon, we had to balance a tennis ball. It wasn't as easy as that though because we had to walk with one of our legs tied to our partners leg and get to the other side and back. My partner was Athena and we made it there and back. We came 2nd overall in our class and since we came 2nd, we had to verse the other top 5 people in our class to see who would comepete in the finals against people from the other classes.

Our last activity of the day was with Mrs Nua. She was taking a sponge race. We got put in to 4 groups again. In this silly sport we had to try and get a sponge that had absorbed up water and squeeze it into an empty bucket. The team who's empty bucket had the most water won. My team tried hard but we didn't win, the red team had won...TWICE !

I was totally exhausted after everything. But I still enjoyed that day !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cross Country...

Walking to the court was nerve racking because I was very nervous and had goosebumps.

For our run we had to run 3k, and this year is very different .It was only us, teachers and year7&8 that are running. We were all excited to run but at the same time we were nervous and was looking forward to it.

When we sat down Miss Va’afusuang was talking to us about where we are running and which teacher we will be seeing while we are running. Then Mr J just told us one more reminder, it was that if we are hurt we have to sit on the corner and wait for a teacher to come and get us.

At the beginning I sprinted because I wanted to go to inter zone but then I got tired and power walked. Some girls started to pass me then I started running and was coming 4th to where I was going and which teacher I’m seeing next.

When we got to Ms Tito I was coming second and Ala was coming first then we ran together and got to Mrs Clarke. She gave us instructions to where we are going to next. We got to the part where there was this big wild pipe and we had to go on the bridge, Then we saw Mr Barks and he was behind school. We saw school and ran our fastest to hurry up and get this over and done with.

There we were over the finish line, we were both so happy that we had finally finished our race.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sony Bill Willims...

*BORN ON 3 AUGUST 1985...




Monday, August 8, 2011

My aunties funeral

In the holidays we went to my aunty’s funeral to show our respect to her family. My mum was cooking for all the people that were there. Some people from my aunty’s church came too.

On the first night we had to cook a lot of food because heaps of people came and we had to go to the shop every five minutes, but the food was nice. The people that were looking after her was her friends or her fahu it the person that is the boss of all the stuff that she got and is the person that cut the peoples hair that has to be cut.

When we had to take her to church for her last service it took a long time. [We had to stay up all night] When it was time to bury her it was sad because her grand children and her children were crying but my uncle told them be strong and let her go.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Brief Development: 1st Brief

Conceptual Statement:
(What is the concept or idea behind your design brief? e.g “To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of...”)

(The measurable must haves ie. the things that are important to designing an effective sign e.g. sign must be easy to read etc...)

1. Bright
2. Easy to read
3. Stands out
4. Big enough to see and read
5. Creative
6. Specific
7. Strong enough/Lasts long
8. Clear

(Musts that are beyond my control e.g. Must be completed by the end of the term)

1. have to use the words of success
2. be respectful and not be harmful
3.have colour that people can see the words with

(things I need to make the sign)
*and some staff that i need that i can’t think of

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planning Log

Planning Log

Keep a record of both what you intend to do and what you did over the course of the next 3 weeks as we work through the Technology Process.

Week 5Week 6Week 7
What I plan to domake signs planning log
Materials I will needplastic letters

People/Sources I need to consult for more information.have a big huge sing that people read and listen to.

What did you find difficult and why?I found the making difficult because it was hard.

What I will do next as a result of any difficulties.make it bigger better faster stronger.


The Stakeholders are the people who have parents
visitorsan effect on the production of your product

The Primary Stakeholder is your client ie. the person or community of people that your sign is going to be created for. eg. ….

Wider Community Stakeholders:Key Stakeholders:Primary Stakeholder:

Pt England students
me, year 7 & 8 students

ATTRIBUTES: These describe the physical (what it is like) and functional (what it will do) characteristics of a product. These characteristics are key or essential for the successful function of a product and should be re- evaluated at each stage of the design process.

With your sign in mind, complete the following attributes table:


Method of Measurement


eg. Eye catching

sign will appeal (be noticed) by stakeholders

Sign must be clear, stand out and be creative



big enough to fit the word/image


any colour

so it can stand out

Create awareness (e.g. clear message)

Durable/ Weather resistant

Ideal location (in the right area)

it has to be around the world

My Report...

On my report it says, Pesi is a talented sports person. She enjoys being a member of the girls rugby team. In class , Pesi needs to be more considerate of others as she tends to be quite loud and disruptive. She needs to make sure that she focuses on her work and asks for help if she needs it.

In our foundation subjects I did not improve my work. In my writing I’m at a year two level and in reading I’m at a year 5 level, and in mathematics I’m at a year four level.

My goal is to try read, write and do maths at my age level, and by the end of the year I will strive to succeed and reach my goal.

My Report...

On my report it says, Pesi is a talented sports person. She enjoys being a member of the girls rugby team. In class , Pesi needs to be more considerate of others as she tends to be quite loud and disruptive. She needs to make sure that she focuses on her work and asks for help if she needs it.

In our foundation subjects I did not improve my work. In my writing I’m at a year two level and in reading I’m at a year 5 level, and in mathematics I’m at a year four level.

My goal is to try read, write and do maths at my age level, and by the end of the year I will strive to succeed and reach my goal.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designing a Sign

Names of people in my group: PESI and stephanie

Your task is to design a sign that will clearly assist in eliminating a problem within our school.

- Make sure you are clear what the task is.
- Can you identify the key words in this task (highlight them and discuss it with a buddy)

Thinking about signs and signage (Make a list of all the signs you have seen ….. and the purpose of the sign )
Type of sign:Purpose of the sign:
No smoking.Keep a smokefree area. No smoking inside.
Give way.Traffic way.

*clothes laying around
*our interment


You need to think and expand on your answers, one sentence is not sufficient.

What is your issue in our school?
Eating while you are standing

Who does it affect?
parents, teachers, kids

Why is it happening in our school?
because some random people just come in to our school grounds just drop there rubbish.

When does it happen?
day and night.

Where is it happening?
in pt england school ground.

What needs to happen to prevent this issue?
We need to put up more signs that people will listen to.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tamaki tech...

It’s our last day at our tech class for term 2 because next term we are moving to another tech class.

Today we had to create a pizza. The class that I’m in is Food Tech with Mrs Heka. First we had to put our base on the bench. Our base was Pita bread. Then we put toppings on our base. The toppings that I used were Pasta source, Cream Cheese, Chicken, Meat balls and then Mozzarella Cheese.

The pizza tasted delicious that I had to save it for some one to taste. We had to cook our own but this other group had a desert one it was so nice that we all were so hugest that we all wanted to make our own but there was no time. Can’t Wait till our next tech class.

Monday, July 4, 2011


On Tuesday 28 June 2011 Pt England rugby girls were meant to go to Otahuhu Intermediate, but it got cancelled because of the immunisation. We were all hungry and frustrated because we were all looking forward to this moment but it all right because we can play them another time. Our boys were play today to but it got cancelled to.

Last last week on Friday we were meant to play viscount, but there filed were munted and it got delayed. We had to play at our school on the next Friday but it got cancelled because our school fields were munted to. So we do not know when our next game is. The boys were meant play to but there one got cancelled.

Having to cancel the games were not good but we are looking forward to our next game hope our next game is not cancelled.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


On Tuesday 7th of June 2011 Pt England rugby girls went to Onehunga to play rugby against St Joesph’s girls. They were huge. I was nervous and didn't want to play, but I had to be brave playing for my school.

When I got on the field in my mind I was like its time for war. They got the first two tries but in the second quarter we got some tries and were in the lead. But they got the good girls and scored some tries but we were in the lead by a conversion but they got tries and kicks overs and was in the lead.

Bobbi-grace got a try, she was so happy that she jerked at the try line.Tina got two tries we were all so happy because that puts us in the lead then, by there conversion they won the game and we lost but it was better then the last year because they got no points!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011


In 1973 there was something invented called a cellphone. They were used to contact people from all over the world. The most famous brand in the whole world is Nokia. It is known in America , Australia , Mexico , China , India and here in New Zealand. The very first brand to come out was Motorola.

Some phones can last up to 5 or 9 years and if you have a phone that breaks easily then get a better one. You are meant to have a phone at the age of 10 and up but some younger kids have phones too but only if their parents allow them

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Immersion Rotation

Term two is here and we are learning about Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger. Innovation , Practicality , Imagination
Discovery , and Creativity was part of our topic for term two.


First we had Mrs Lagitupu for imagination, she had prepared a little activity for us it was called the bus stop.
You have to have a group of five or six people in your group. Then we go around to different groups and write
on the pieces of paper that we were given. Imagination means imagining having something that you want. We had to make an imaginary pet.

Having immersion with Mz Tito was incredible because she is funny and active. Well back to immersion, in Ms Tito’s class we did creativity and had to create our own name. Who ever had the most creative name gets to chuck the water balloons at their class. I tried my best to win but
we don’t know who won because she hasn’t told us yet.


In Mr Barks class we learned about Practicality. He showed us a leaf blower. He talked about immersion assembly and how Mrs Nua walked into a hair dressing shop and wanted to cut and blow dry her hair. Mr Barks went behind the stage and got the leaf blower and dried Mrs Nua’s hair.

I think that the topic so far is cool and very interesting. We have to learn some hard words.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


My movie is all about respect. Having respect means if you chuck your rubbish on the ground, you have to pick it up and put it in the bin. When you are at school you need to BIN IT! I hope you enjoy my movie.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I like/dislike about my friends?

Q: What do like/dislike about my friends?

What I like about my friends is that they are always caring and sharing, but what I mostly like about my friends is that they give me lollies and all sorts of treats like my favourite chocolate. Their names are Tina, Vanila, Lesley, Hossanah, Tule, Kaloni, Hainite, Aliza, Belle, Pharrah, Mui, Athena, Mauina, Kezia, Sela, Helen, Tia, Destiney, April, Reina and lots more.

What I dislike about my friends is that sometimes they hate me because I don’t treat them the way I want to be treated. My friends sometimes ditch me and I don’t like it at all so I just go and play with the little kids, and sometimes when they have lollies they don’t share it to me. Sometimes they play a game and when I want to play they don’t let me play with them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camp TC

On Monday the 14th of March 2011 year 7&8 student had camp T.C. There were six groups. Their names were the Carerz , Participartorz , Motivatorz , Respectablez , Responsiblez , Thinkerz. I was in the Respectablez . Our group colour was yellow.

First thing we did was kayaking. We walked down to the reserve and got changed in to our swimming clothes and got going there were different kayaks from before. These kayak have two seats for two people , it is called a Malibu two. I was one of the first people to get in the kayak , my partner in the kayak was Victoria we got on and off we went . We went and Victoria wanted to fall out of the kayak so, I pushed her in and I sat there and looked as if nothing happened. She was going to tip the kayak over so I can fall out but she could not because Miss Va’afusuaga said no before someone gets hurt then it was time to, head back for morning tea. After that we had to play Aussie games with Mr Harris, then Mr Barks had games for us too. His games were all about team building and working together as a team. He had two game that had to do with water one is you have to try and put a class of water on top of the long as stick when we did that the cup of water keep falling on Hillary head

We had Rock Up. It had five different activities. Those activities were called Archery, ski l board Alligator alley , Rock climbing and The Dunker . First thing we had to do was split in to fifteen groups and compete against many teams. Our first activity was archery. It was cool because I was trying to get the balloon but I did not get it. Our next activity was Alligator alley, me and my group went half way but the wood touched the ground, so we had to start all over again. This next activity was cool because it is called rock climbing out all our group I went first, and got there. At the top there is a horn to press so you can get a points. In skil board our group came first because we worked as a team and came first. Last was my favourite game because we always got dunked in to the freezing water . It was my turn to go on so I went I was nervous to the days. I sat down and shake and someone got me out . As soon as I touched the water I was freezing to death to get out and dry up.

On the last day of camp we went to Swimarama. One of my highlights was the diving pool.

I really liked Rock Up. It was a lot of fun. I loved the hangi, but I couldn’t finish my food. Camp was the best.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All About me

Hello ,Talofa lava and Malo e lelei. My name is Siokapesi. I go to Point England School in Auckland NZ. At Point England school I am in room 21. My teachers name is Mrs Lagitupu.

I am 11 Years old and I am a year 7 student. I have six best friends. Their names are Tule, Kaloni, Tina, Vanila, Hossanah and Lesley.

I have one brother and two sisters. My brother and sister go to Point England school too, but my little sister is in Tonga. Their names are Paula, Sabrina and Winnifred.

My favourite colours are blue, green, purple, yellow, red and orange. If you don’t know I am from Tonga and in Tonga I come from Ha’apai and that is my home country.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

Technology at Tamaki

On Monday, week two of school 2011, the Pt. England year 7 & 8 students walked down to Tamaki College to do technology.

We got split up in to groups of five. I went to science and the others went to wood work and all of that other stuff. It was boring but when it got to the end it was cool because the teacher was funny.

In science we did some sorting out stuff and did some finding out about what’s living and what is extinct. Our teachers name is Mr Dewan.

After all of our work we had a little break in lunch area, then we had to answer some questions that he would ask us. Then we would tell him the answer that we are thinking inside our head. After I was thinking I just gave him a random answer.

Then it was time for us to pack up and head back to school. We all had to say thanks and line up at the door so we can head down to where we are meant to meet.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holiday highlight

In the holiday me and my mum went shopping for new clothes and shoe, it was cool because I got heaps of stuff. After me and my mum went shopping we went to my nan’s house and gave her some sausages for her to eat then we went home and ate some burgers that my mum made for us to eat. After a fun and cool day it was time to rest and wake up in the morning and to another day of fun.

The next week this time I went with my uncle and he’s wife went to buy he’s daughter some new clothes because she was a new born baby. Then my uncle gave $20 to go and buy me something to eat cause I was starving so I went and got some food to eat, then it was boring
so I went to the car and sat there until they came and I was sleeping in the car.