Friday, February 17, 2012


On Thursday the 9Th of February we had netball in the morning, I was tried and it was very hot. When we got there we got straight into some skills, the first skill Liz(coach) taught us was how to chis pass.

While we were running through some drills I felt exhausted because the sun was so hot that it felt like it was about to burst in to lava. After all our skills we played a game, bibs vs none bibs.

I was the only girl in my team, all the other was boys the were rushing, bumping people. It felt like i was playing rugby, while we were playing it felt like i was out of breath and I was really exhausted.

At the end of our session i felt like I was fit but really I wasn’t.


  1. Hello Pesi ,
    You have an amazing part of this writing. The only thing is that you have not edited properly. But you should read though it yourself. Keep up the great work, and I hope I get to read another blog post of yours.

    Yours Selena
    Room 22

  2. Hi Pesi,

    I really like the writing you posted on to your blog. The only thing is that you didn't edit your work properly. Keep up the good work Pesi! I can't wait for more blog posts of yours.

    Yours Cecilia
    Room 22

  3. HI Pesi
    What a great post about netball. I'm not really into netball, but I just sign up so that I can use my time there. I'm alsp starting to love it too. The only thing that need to fix, is your proof reading. Make sure you do that before you click Publish post. That could make your writing a lot more better. But apart from that. Keep up the great work.


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