Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I like/dislike about my friends?

Q: What do like/dislike about my friends?

What I like about my friends is that they are always caring and sharing, but what I mostly like about my friends is that they give me lollies and all sorts of treats like my favourite chocolate. Their names are Tina, Vanila, Lesley, Hossanah, Tule, Kaloni, Hainite, Aliza, Belle, Pharrah, Mui, Athena, Mauina, Kezia, Sela, Helen, Tia, Destiney, April, Reina and lots more.

What I dislike about my friends is that sometimes they hate me because I don’t treat them the way I want to be treated. My friends sometimes ditch me and I don’t like it at all so I just go and play with the little kids, and sometimes when they have lollies they don’t share it to me. Sometimes they play a game and when I want to play they don’t let me play with them.

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