Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What i am looking forward to next year.

Next year I have to be a role model for our whole school. I'm looking forward to being year 8 and it is going to be exciting, and at the same time it’s going to be nerve racking. I will be responsible for the juniors and will be looking out for them. I hope it is going to be a cool last year next year.

Q1) What makes a good role model?
A) Is when we all take charge of our school.
B) We all look after each other.
C) Help all the little kids when they need help.

Q2) Who is someone in year 8 that has been a good role model?
A) I think Sela is a good leader because she did her job being a prefect.
B) I think Tanielu is a good role model because he has been showing us how to be a good leader.

Next year my goal is to be better at my writing and attitude.
C) I think that Paulitia Peleti is a good prefect because she has shown me how big being a prefect is.

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  1. HI Pesi

    i really like your goals for this year. You must be a good role model already. Now that our yr 8's from last year r moved to college. it us that has to be a GOOD role model to the little kids.
    keep up with your good work. :)


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