Thursday, September 29, 2011

This term our sevens boys went to Tauranga to play a tournament.
When they were at Tauranga we were getting up dated from here,
and every time we hear they win we all get out of our our chairs and jump with mighty. When they came home with the trophy we were all proud of them...

Our topic for this term is about the Rugby World Cup.
We have to study and make a project about a country that we have been given to study about. I was given Fiji and Tonga same people were given Italy, Scottlen, England. Our Projects are due to be marked this week I hope i get a 5...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


1)The baby is as soft as me
The baby is as cuddly as a teddy bear.
The baby is as lovely as a modle.

2)The monkey is like a naughty dog.
The monkey is as funny as a clown.
The monkey is as cheeky as naughty baby.

The car is as fast as a cheeta.
The car is as shiny as the sun.
The car is as beautiful as a flower.

As brave as super man.
As brave as bat man.
As brave as cat woman.

As smooth as a baby ‘s bottem
As smooth as a polished Lamborghini.
As smooth as a cram water.

As soft as a bottle of wine.
As soft as a girls hair.
As soft as a fluffy pillow.

As happy as a girl that love sports.
As happy as a Afeenz laugh.
As happy as a me having lunch.