Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Sports Day

On the 23rd of August 2011 team 5 had a silly sports day here at school. All of the teachers had different activities for us. First we had to play the game that our own teacher had prepared for us. Then we would move on to the next activity.

At Mrs Lagitupu’s activity we played ball tiggy, it was so fun! we got put into 4 teams, I was in the blue team with some of my friends. We were playing the yellow team first and we won. We then played agains the red team. they were a bit more difficult but it was still very fun. We were having so much fun, but then Mrs Nua sounded the siren and we went onto our next activity.

Ms Tito was our next silly sport. She was waiting there with a giant slingshot and some different sized balls. We had to try and shoot a ball ou of the slingshot into one of the hoops that were lay out on the grass. I had my first turn but I didn't get it into any hoop but I still had lots of fun.

Ou next ativity was with Mr Harris. Seeing from what other people were doing with Mr Harris, I found out that he was taking us for a 3 legged race. It was like an egg race but instead of balancing an egg on a spoon, we had to balance a tennis ball. It wasn't as easy as that though because we had to walk with one of our legs tied to our partners leg and get to the other side and back. My partner was Athena and we made it there and back. We came 2nd overall in our class and since we came 2nd, we had to verse the other top 5 people in our class to see who would comepete in the finals against people from the other classes.

Our last activity of the day was with Mrs Nua. She was taking a sponge race. We got put in to 4 groups again. In this silly sport we had to try and get a sponge that had absorbed up water and squeeze it into an empty bucket. The team who's empty bucket had the most water won. My team tried hard but we didn't win, the red team had won...TWICE !

I was totally exhausted after everything. But I still enjoyed that day !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cross Country...

Walking to the court was nerve racking because I was very nervous and had goosebumps.

For our run we had to run 3k, and this year is very different .It was only us, teachers and year7&8 that are running. We were all excited to run but at the same time we were nervous and was looking forward to it.

When we sat down Miss Va’afusuang was talking to us about where we are running and which teacher we will be seeing while we are running. Then Mr J just told us one more reminder, it was that if we are hurt we have to sit on the corner and wait for a teacher to come and get us.

At the beginning I sprinted because I wanted to go to inter zone but then I got tired and power walked. Some girls started to pass me then I started running and was coming 4th to where I was going and which teacher I’m seeing next.

When we got to Ms Tito I was coming second and Ala was coming first then we ran together and got to Mrs Clarke. She gave us instructions to where we are going to next. We got to the part where there was this big wild pipe and we had to go on the bridge, Then we saw Mr Barks and he was behind school. We saw school and ran our fastest to hurry up and get this over and done with.

There we were over the finish line, we were both so happy that we had finally finished our race.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sony Bill Willims...

*BORN ON 3 AUGUST 1985...




Monday, August 8, 2011

My aunties funeral

In the holidays we went to my aunty’s funeral to show our respect to her family. My mum was cooking for all the people that were there. Some people from my aunty’s church came too.

On the first night we had to cook a lot of food because heaps of people came and we had to go to the shop every five minutes, but the food was nice. The people that were looking after her was her friends or her fahu it the person that is the boss of all the stuff that she got and is the person that cut the peoples hair that has to be cut.

When we had to take her to church for her last service it took a long time. [We had to stay up all night] When it was time to bury her it was sad because her grand children and her children were crying but my uncle told them be strong and let her go.