Monday, April 2, 2012

Games People Play...

I play sports every year because it keep’s me entertained for an example netball and rugby. Softball I play at the beginning of the year, League an Union is sports I play with friends and family. Basketball is game that I like but i don’t play often.

Netball is a game I play throughout the whole year from February to December it is one of my favorite sports to play. As I play I get better at it. I play with friends at school and at some tournaments we love to play netball every year.

Rugby is one of my favorites sports I like to play it all the time. I play it during the year for a club and for school. As I play it I get better and better. When I first played rugby i did not like the feeling but I got better and started to like it.

Softball is a game i play at the beginning of the year, in the first term. This year i didn’t go because of my broken leg but it was alright. I like to play it because me and my friends enjoy playing it. Sometimes we just play with the softball ball.

Basketball is a sport I don’t play often because i’m not really that into basketball. It’s a cool sport to play if you know how to play but I don’t. I see people enjoying playing it, and I see famous teams play it like the L.A Lakes.

The sports I play is sports I like, sports is my talent. Thank you Athena