Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Wednesday we went to Sylvia Park to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Team 5 was so excited that when we got to our destination,we rushed out of the bus like we were having a competition.

When we got into the theater and was put into chairs some girls went on the lazy boys and the rest just wanted to sit on the normal chairs. First we watch was the intro that was presented by a girl named Tatiana from Tamaki intermediate

The one I like is Zombie Attack Presented by Tamaki college students.
It was scary and very creative i like how it looks real and how they dance to Michal Jackson Thriller.

My second Favorite Movie is Tamaki intermediate “ don’t stop believe” it was amazingly cool and was very movable and I like there moves its cool.

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  1. Hey Pesi, I was very interested to read your perspective on the Film Festival. I am pleased you enjoyed it. I agree about the Thriller movie. Did you spot the teachers in the movie? They have some pretty cool teachers at Tamaki College as well as the talented student actors.

    Mrs Burt


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