Monday, August 8, 2011

My aunties funeral

In the holidays we went to my aunty’s funeral to show our respect to her family. My mum was cooking for all the people that were there. Some people from my aunty’s church came too.

On the first night we had to cook a lot of food because heaps of people came and we had to go to the shop every five minutes, but the food was nice. The people that were looking after her was her friends or her fahu it the person that is the boss of all the stuff that she got and is the person that cut the peoples hair that has to be cut.

When we had to take her to church for her last service it took a long time. [We had to stay up all night] When it was time to bury her it was sad because her grand children and her children were crying but my uncle told them be strong and let her go.

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