Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Getting ready to start doing stunts on my BMX bike, I was nervous and scared because I could get hurt, because of my lack of experience on a bike........... but as timed passed, I thoguht to myself, “there is nothing to worry about,” so off I went riding down a big hill.

Flying in the air screaming my lungs out, I was scared but excited because I had left off from where I had started. Looking at the ground I was already feeling the pain. As I hit the ground I felt my leg couldn’t move and it had a lot of pain.

People were running toward me as I was lying stiff on the ground. Then I just black out. Waking up in the hospital asking, what happened to me? And looked at my leg and it had a carved  on it. Then my mother told what happened.

A few weeks later I felt much more better and went back home.
And that was the last time my mother let me ride a bike.

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